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Welcome to the We are a Seattle based firm of designers that create unique and innovative designs on behalf of a broad range of clients, from professional service firms through to online casino and other gambling sites. Our diversity and innovative approach has seen us win a number of international awards within the design community. At our heart of our business are our designers and support team, a diverse bunch who are almost as different as our client base! It’s our people and their diversity that makes us different to our competitors and unique in our approach. We don’t follow the crowd, and our clients like it that way.

Below we answer some of the most popular questions prospective clients want to know about our business.

What do we do?

We do a broad range of design activities, from the typical website and logo design through to the creation of other viral marketing material. Broadly speaking our business is split into two divisions, our “Professional Services’ department and our ‘Gambling and E-Gaming’ team.  The business was formed by Joe Dance and Dave Shepherd who met whilst working as designers for a major Australian gambling operator.  Naturally most of our initial clients were from the online gambling sector, but over time we have diversified into more main stream areas such as professional services.

How long have we been creating fabulous designs?

We have been in the design business for well over 10 years, during which time we have won a number of awards.

Can we provide some examples of our work?

Yes of course.  One of our most popular designs amongst our online casino and gambling clients can be see at the following site:  This simple clean design has proved incredibly popular amongst a number of our casino clients, primarily for its responsive design that works across mobile devices such as iPads.  In fact this design alone has led to one of our major online gambling clients reporting a threefold increase in player sign-ups, due primarily to the sites ability to display the latest HTML5 mobile casinos on popular tablet devices such as the iPad.  If you are a online casino operator and would like to see how our designs can help your business reach more potential customers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We have plenty of examples of how our design concepts have worked well within the online gambling sector.

Can we provide other examples of the type of work that we do?

Design has moved on at an incredibly fast pace in recent years, and our business has evolved with it.  In addition to the standard agency design services, we also design and develop mobile HTML5 and Flash games.  We have a portfolio of over 200 games we have created on behalf of clients, varying from simple Adobe flash games through to gambling related HTML5 games that allows users to play a variety of casino slot games with free credits.

For more information on the services that we provide, please get in touch with us.   More information about the Designers Network can be found in the ‘About Us’ section of the site.